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Baldur's Gate 3's first major patch fixes 1000+ bugs and brings back "Short King Summer" smooching

The patch notes were too big for Steam to handle, though

A custom-created character in Baldur's Gate 3 looks on with honor.
Image credit: Larian Studios / Rock Paper Shotgun

Consistent with the spirit of the game, Baldur’s Gate 3’s first “major” patch notes are too large to even fit into Steam’s usual text character limit. Developer Larian instead published a portion of the patch details on a Steam blog and the rest on their forums, which were briefly down - probably either due to an online traffic jam or just, again, the patch’s sheer size. Regardless, we have well over three thousand words worth of details on today’s patch, which addresses around one thousand bugs and graces us with “Short King Summer” before it’s too late. But beware: there are some spoilers in the patch notes.

Baldur’s Gate 3 has some great little details that accommodate wildly different playstyles, and I’m especially appreciative of how the camera adjusts in cutscenes when you play as shorter fantasy races. To further accommodate a short fella playthrough, Larian have now fixed an issue with smooching animations. “We’re bringing back Short King Summer with better kissing contact for short races,” Larian jokes. The Steam blog features a gif of the aforementioned smooching and also says that the patch “sprinkles on more post-launch polish.”

Rebellious floating objects have now been brought back down to the ground (or wherever else you want to place them), and NPCs “who sometimes spot you when they really shouldn’t” have been fixed, too. That should help with your sneakier playthroughs. Edwin previously asked the RPS readership what you’d like to see in this update, so take a look and find out whether your requests have been heard.

Larian also teased that the second patch, which is “around the corner,” will aim to fix the game’s performance woes. The mammoth RPG gets especially wonky in the final act - probably because there’s an unthinkable number of variables to keep track of by that point - so hopefully the next patch smoothes out the last third.

If smooching bigger folk isn't your cup of tea, check out this Lone Wolf mod that lets you ditch all your companions for a solo party. While we wait for more updates, another mod makes the game look like Dragon Age: Origins, kinda.

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