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Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance is now getting a PC port, 20 years later

These realms certainly don't feel forgotten anymore

After 20 years as a console game, Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance is getting a PC port. (Not to be confused with D&D: Dark Alliance, the new spiritual successor coming this summer.) Baldur's Alliance is the 2001 co-op hack and slasher set in yon Forgotten Realms. The re-release has just landed on consoles but Black Isle Studios have now announced that the game is getting a PC port for the first time too.

Dark Alliance is a different fare from the other Baldur's games, past and present. It's certainly got a more action-y bent to it, which you can spot a lot of down here in the console launch trailer for the re-release, which now supports 4k resolutions.

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Personally, I only ever played the main Baldur's Gates, not Dark Alliance. Imogen has though, and I think I can hear her screaming across the timezones. Prior to her RPS days she's talked about how her nan taught her to play Dark Alliance way back when. She reckoned back then that the old PS2 versions held up pretty well as a good old co-op romp, even accounting for nostalgia.

My only fear is going back to a game based on 3rd edition D&D. I always seem to get armor class ratings mixed in my head when I go back to Baldur's Gate. Numbers, how do those work? I'm certainly with her on wishing for more good co-op campaigns though, and it sounds like Black Isle Studios are hoping to deliver on that front.

"The PC port of BG:DA is in the works and coming later this year," they say. "We're also hoping to ensure it has online co-op using Steam's remote play. Once we have more solid information, we'll update you here!"

As for Dark Alliance 2, Black Isle say "We ARE considering a release of BG: DA 2. Nothing cemented yet, but fan desire has been loud and we hear it."

Black Isle haven't nailed down a date for the PC version but say it's coming later this year.

Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance, meanwhile, is coming in June.

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