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Baldur's Gate Tease Is Probably The Pre-Interquel

Surprise surprise

You may have seen folks cooing over the Baldur's Gate site's addition of a cryptic countdown due to run out of ticks in the wee small hours of Friday morning. Folks in the know, like me and you my dear friend, will guess that it's counting down to a reveal of the pre-sequel that Beamdog are making on ye olde Infinity Engine.

Alternatively, you may skip over everything I write and so be wholly surprised by this - like a certain colleague of mine whose name rhymes with Flay 'Em Pith. That's what you get.

Beamdog are the lot who revamped the first two Baldur's Gate games recently, a studio founded by BioWare co-founder Trent Oster and a former BioWare codeman. They've been teasing this new and original Baldur's Gate for a good few years now, but never really given it a proper announcement or spoken about it in much detail. I assume that's what'll be coming when that time runs out. I bet they have some words, some pictures, and probably even some moving pictures where a person's speaking over the top.

The core of what we currently now is that it's set between those two original Baldur's Gate games, and uses the same old Infinity Engine. A Beamdogger snapped a few photos of the game off a screen back in January and they sure looked like an Infinity Engine RPG (I don't know what more to say), but pulled the pics a while after.

So, next week, eh?

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