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Battlefield 1's final expansion, Apocalypse, is out now

Aces High.

Some people just want to see the world burn, but there's enough smoke and hellfire in Battlefield 1's final chunk of DLC to make even the hardiest of soldiers want to pack up and go home. Fittingly wrapping up the pesudo-historical shooter's tour of World War 1 with its grimmest battles, Apocalypse is live for anyone with the Premium pass, or the complete 'Revolution' edition of the game.

Within, the bombastic yet fittingly dark launch trailer for the DLC.

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Following hot on the heels of the delayed North Sea update (the latter half of the Turning Tides expansion, which was broken up to meet the release schedule), everyone with the Premium Pass or the Revolution edition of the game can now jump into the final, spectacularly messy battles of the ever-increasingly misnamed War To End All Wars. Those who plan on buying Apocalypse separately (I do wonder why) will have to wait just under two weeks now.

On top of the usual collection of new weapons, vehicles and gadgetry (including a handy anti-air weapon for ground troops to use), Apocalypse contains five maps. Three of them fitting into the normal playmodes, and two of them dedicated to the new Air Assault mode, which sees biplane pilots throw down against massive airships en-masse without having to worry about the plight of the poor bloody soldiers probably burning to death in the fields below.

The three terrestrial maps seem to skew to the larger-scale end of things. Caporetto (as pictured up top) features a long uphill battle against an entrenched Italian army force, while the River Somme map (one I've not had a chance to play a round on) is apparently a spectacular showcase of the terrain deformation systems in the game. What begins as an infantry charge across lush golden wheat fields turns into a bloody, mud-soaked grinder as the match wears on and artillery upends earth.

As a handy aside, Battlefield 1: Revolution (the complete edition of the game) is very steeply discounted on Origin this week. With the additional discount from Origin Access, it brings the price down to a particularly wallet-friendly £16.49 or £18.33 otherwise. With Battlefield games, it's often best to be fashionably late to the party.

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