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Battlefield 4 Spring Patch Will Add Guns, Guns, Guns


It’s no surprise to see DICE continue to support Battlefield 4[official site]. If you compare its stats with those of the more recently released Battlefield Hardline, it’s clear BF4 is the PC owner’s Battlefield of choice. With the upgrades made in the upcoming Spring Patch, releasing “late May”, those players will probably be sticking around a while longer.  With rebalanced weapons across the board, this could feel like an entirely new game.

Other upgrades include new guns, improvements to the original guns and a new game mode. Called Gun Master. Anyone else sense a running theme, here?

The new weapons include a few fan favourite, because if there’s one thing people love it’s playing that thing they loved five years ago with better graphics. Also sniper pistols. All the weapons in the game have been rebalanced too.

"In the Spring Patch, we have also revamped the damage, falloff and suppression model. With this pass, we've touched every single weapon in the game – and how they play," DICE say. "Our goal has been to create distinct roles for the weapon classes, and award skill of the player through increased recoil and by bringing back the 2-bullet headshot!" You can find more information about the rebalancing over at the BF4 test subreddit wiki.

Gun Master is a game mode originally found in Battlefield 3: Close Quarters, which constantly switches out your weapon as you gain kills. The PC version of the game is also more stable and the online play should be a lot smoother. Not bad for free.

Check out the blog post for more info and keep an eye out for the full patch notes, which should land closer to its late May release.

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