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Battlefield V heads to the Pacific Theatre next week with Iwo Jima

Chapter 5 begins next Thursday

After bringing back Operation Metro earlier this month, the next stop on Battlefield V's nostalgic world tour is the Pacific Theatre. EA announced today that Chapter 5: War In The Pacific will begin next Thursday, October 31st with new factions, maps, and weapons. Ye olde Iwo Jima will return alongside a new map, Pacific Storm, while the classic Wake Island will follow later. Come see the sunny sights in the trailer below.

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Right so, you're looking at US and Japanese armies, weapons including the pingtastic M1 Garand and a katana, new tanks and planes and boats, new Reinforcement abilities (and some old ones), and other things useful in a new theatre of war. Chewing gum that doesn't crinkle when you unwrap it, perhaps. A comfy neck cushion. A concierge to set your phone to silent for you. And another to confiscate the phone of the soldier three rows ahead of you, who thinks cupping his phone in his hand renders it invisible but somehow doesn't realise he's set his screen to be brighter than the sun so he's lighting up the whole damn LVT.

See the game's site for more on things which actually are in the update. In the usual Battlefield V Chapter way, new bits will be added over the course of the season. Long-time Battlefield map Wake Island is due in December.

A free full trial of Battlefield V is due to run November 1-4, right after this update launches. If you're curious about how the Pacific looks in BFV, there you go.

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