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Battlefield V's Operation Underground brings back Metro massacres

Maybe skip the tube today

Oh god, Operation Metro is back. Battlefield V's newest map, Operation Underground hits the WW2 shooter today, bringing back Battlefield 3's most infamous below-ground bloodbath. Grim-faced veterans will shudder at memories of Paris stalemates. A Sisyphean death march for on the offence, a point-and-click machine gun adventure for defenders. Fortunately, Dice have invested in public infrastructure this time around, and promise a more seamless trip on your commute to carnage.

Operation Underground ditches the Parisien Metro look of its predecessor, opting for a more German affair down in the U-Bahn. But while the flavour of trains and tiles have a more Berlinesque sheen this time around, Underground is still the tightly-packed slaughter tube it was eight years ago. Mostly.

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Bringing the original Metro designer on board, Dice have learned a few things since Battlefield 3's murder-tunnel. The developers promise more flanking routes to keep subway stalemates at bay. The trailer sneaks a peek at some of those, including a submerged service tunnel for amphibious assaults. Should you break through the ticket barriers at the other side, mind, there's still an entire bloody Nazi palace to storm. War, as it happens, is hard. Who knew?

It looks like most of Underground's subway cars are also completely destructible, offering sweet explosive vengeance to anyone who's ever been sardine-packed on the central line at the height of a summer heatwave. Oh, London. I'm in you so rarely, yet you always know just the right way to ruin my day.

Operation Underground launches today, kicking off a month of Battlefest 2019 festivities. Top up your travel card, because there's a special Underground challenge requiring regular subway rides for new guns and cosmetics.

The next three weeks will get you charging into Rush mode and getting your boots muddy in infantry-focused trials, culminating in a huge end-of-month grand challenge. Dice are tempting the community with a personal, portable anti-aircraft rocket launcher if they can rack up a combined 100,000,000 kills or assists.

There's even a nifty wee badge up for grabs for anyone who logs in over the next month. War, huh, what's it good for? Pretty little medals, I suppose.

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