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Bear witness to Halo Infinite's campaign launch trailer

Ahead of December 8th release

Halo Infinite surprise-launched its multiplayer a couple of weeks ago. People seem to like it a lot, grindy and unrewarding battle pass aside. If you, like me, are more interested in the game for its singleplayer, then have a gander below for the launch trailer put together ahead of the campaign's December 8th release.

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I've only ever played Halo 1, and that was long enough ago that I've forgotten most of the details. If I remember correctly, the series is about a man in a BMX helmet and his absolute best mate, blue Tinker Bell, fighting different sizes of ape. Halo Infinite's launch trailer seems to confirm that little has changed, except now there's a King Ape and he has a beard. No, I will not watch your Halo lore video.

What Halo was always good at was carefully constructed combat encounters and satisfying weapons, and there's plenty glimpses of both in the video above. I like breaking helmets off enemy noggins, the pop-and-hurl when hitting apes with a Warthog, and the look of your slamming hammer. I also like that the trailer seems to be made entirely of previously shown footage from the early stages of the game, making it exciting to see what lies beyond.

I also enjoyed the look of Infinite's singleplayer when it was first shown off last year, but that initial reveal trailer prompted complaints from the noizy boizies about graphics and the game was delayed shortly thereafter. Leading with the multiplayer ever since seems like a wise decision, but Infinite will grace my computer for the first time when I can experience it alone like the quiet boizy I am.

In the meantime, check out some of our multiplayer guides, such as this one to Halo Infinite's best guns.

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