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Before/After - Divinity: Original Sin's Enhancements

Due out on October 27

In a typically laid back yet pleasantly upbeat and enthusiastic dev video, Larian Studios have detailed all that is new and fresh and shiny in their Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition [official site] ahead of its release next week.

Adam was impressed by what he played of the Enhanced Edition at Gamescom earlier this year, and now you can see many of its improvements side-by-side with the original in this here video below:

Cover image for YouTube video

If you're already in possession of the original you can look forward to the Enhanced Edition free-of-charge, which is nice. Nicer still is the fact that it comes with a whole batch of new stuff - a 360-degree view perhaps the most notable of additions from the above video. Nicer, nicer still are improved graphics, better enemy AI, a permadeath Honour Mode, a reworked story, and an uber-challenging Tactician Mode, not to mention bonus artillery and auxiliary fare in grenades, wands, and new crafting features.

One thing that should be taken into consideration by owners of the original is the fact that the Enhanced Edition will be a new game in your Steam library and not an update. Which means you can't carry over save files from the first game. Which isn't as nice, sadly. Still, Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition is due for release October 27.

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