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Divinity: Original Sin 2's voice acting credits include "pile of corpses"

Also 'Dead Civilian' and 'Painting of a Man'

"Hello, do you think you'd be able to perform the voice of a pile of corpses, a bull, a deer and a painting?"

When the decision was made to have Divinity: Original Sin 2's dialogue fully voiced, the sheer quantity of text seemed like the biggest hurdle but I hadn't considered the difficulty that casting some roles would involve. Voice actor Jay Britton, who has worked on TV and radio as well as games, including Elite Dangerous and The Journey Down, revealed the full list of 35 characters that he played in Larian's RPG. It ranges from apparent fantasy staples such as Pilgrim and Lizard Skeleton all the way to Pile of Corpses, Dead Civilian, Bull and Deer. It's as good a brief summary of the weirdness threaded through this wonderful RPG as anything I've seen and I asked Jay which was the most memorable character of the lot.

There are spoilers for the quest Love Has a Price below

"I played Zharat, a lizard prostitute/conman, which was definitely a first. Described as a lizard with a voice like honeyed gravel, whose role it was to seduce and betray the player he was a joy to perform and wonderfully over the top. During the recording session the writer was dialled in over Skype listening to the seduction... It's the first time I've actually made someone blush over Skype!"

You can hear some of that honeyed gravel in this footage of the scene in question.

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