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Divinity: Original Sin 2 now has cross-save between Steam and iPad

And new languages

Is this iPad news we shouldn't be writing about, or is it PC news fit for a PC games website? I don't care. It's lying-in-my-bed, playing-cool-games news, and such joys cannot be limited by petty platform divides.

Your Divinity: Original Sin 2 saves are another thing which cannot be limited by petty platform divides. The iOS version of the game now has Steam Cross Save functionality, meaning you can move your progress in the RPG back and forth.

The same update also comes with language updates, adding Brazilian Portuguese and Latin-American Spanish. You can switch languages in Steam by right-clicking the game in your library, choosing Properties, and switching to the Languages tab.

In his Larian job application Divinity Originl Sin 2 review, Adam praised D:OS2 for the great and numerous stories it contains. It's a vast, often silly, highly reactive RPG that can also be played fully in co-op, and at this point it's basically been canonised as a modern classic. And just to be clear rather than snide: yes, disclosure, Adam works at Larian now. We miss him!

I recently bought an old, secondhand iPad, primarily so I could give my son Toca Boca games to play while I get a little extra sleep in the mornings. Secondarily, so I can play the Toca Boca games while he is asleep, because they are great. Cross save is a compelling enough convenience, however, that I might stretch into new genres.

Hey, remember when we did an 80+ Let's Play on D:OS2? It's great:

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