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Everything goes wrong in this Divinity: Original Sin 2 speedrun, naturally

Yes, things are on fire again

Everything going terribly wrong is the theme of most of my Divinity: Original Sin 2 experiences. Fire everywhere, right? Speedrunners know this big RPG's ins and outs much better than I do, but it turns out even they aren't impervious to disaster—or fire. This year's D:OS2 speedrun during the Awesome Games Done Quick marathon went totally off the rails but was an even more fun watch because of it.

Things start off well enough for speedrunner "Worldlyy" with a clean escape from the prison island that Divinity: Original Sin 2 begins on. He manages to slip out of Fort Joy undetected and without drama but things descend into disaster not long after.

You can watch from the beginning of the run, but here's Worldlyy's first encounter with unintended explosions.

In act two of the game, Worldlyy suddenly finds himself set on fire by panicking pigs. "I almost died! That very rarely happens," he says, able to quickly laugh off the encounter. Shortly after though, he thinks to check on the giant barrel that he's stuffed in his character's pockets to make sure it isn't also on fire. Oh dear, it is.

"This is a bit of a mess already. Unfortunately that barrel was very important," he admits. Worldlyy is able to improvise, picking up another container to use for a trick involving dropping very heavy objects on enemies' heads to kill them instantly.

The next boss fight goes off almost without issue as Worldlyy successfully drops his very heavy bag on the noggins of the most powerful enemies. Alas, he runs out of action points with one single archer remaining in the fight. "There's almost no way that this archer can kill me," he says while waiting to take his turn. "Famous last words." As if to make that point, the archer in question manages to flank Worldlyy and line up a shot, but thankfully it doesn't kill him and this attacker too is dispatched with the heavy sack.

I won't spoil the entire thing for you, but I will say there's plenty of small mishaps taken in good humor. There's also at least one assist from Worldlyy's commentators who remind him a quick way to kill a particular enemy when he finds himself in another unexpected bind.

After it's all said and done, Worldlyy clocks his run in at 26 minutes and 34 seconds, a fair bit higher time than the world record for the category he currently holds at 19:43. That's a fraction of my save file timestamp of course, so you won't catch me throwing any stones.

It's an impressive run, made even moreso by the fact that Worldlyy was beset by bad luck at nearly every turn and still managed to recover and stay positive. Apparently it was his first time on AGDQ, so give that guy a hand for giving some great explanations of his tricks while laughing off the misshaps.

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