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Divinity: Original Sin 2's iPad launch means roping in even more co-op pals

Another cross-play platform joins the mix at last

As an enjoyer of co-op campaigns, an enjoyer of RPGs, and specifically an enjoyer of co-op RPG romp Divinity: Original Sin 2, here's a nice bit of news. It may seem like Larian Studios' last big game had gotten a release on just about every platform you could think of, but no. They've now launched it on iPads too. If you too have co-op pals who don't own PCs, here's yet another way to try and rope them into one of the best co-op games around thanks to cross-platform multiplayer between PC, Mac, and iPads.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 has been released on plenty of platforms (PC, Stadia, Switch, Playstations, Xboxes, Mac, etc.) but doesn't actually support co-op between most of them. As of its Switch launch, D:OS2 does support sharing your save file with cross-progress between Steam and Switch. It doesn't support multiplayer between PC and Switch though, or PC and any other console.

Cross-play has already been available for Mac and PC users, but the addition of iPad to that compatibility group seems like a nice little win. I'm not rolling in iPad pals but hey, it's one more option than we had before.

Perhaps you happen to be the iPad owner in question. I don't know how you wound up here on this PC site, but I'll gladly let you know that Larian say "we wanted to bring the game to hardware capable of handling the entire Divinity experience without compromising on quality, or features. The objective is to release a truly mobile version with a gameplay experience that exceeds or mirrors consoles & PC."

You can catch it in all its Definitive Edition glory right here in the new iPad trailer.

Cover image for YouTube videoMade to be played. Divinity: Original Sin 2 out NOW on iPad!

If you'd already been playing D:OS2 on your Mac and have a hankering for being more mobile, the iPad version allows cross-saves between your two devices. It also supports using a gamepad or mouse and keyboard, for what its worth.

If you've made it all the way down here, I don't imagine you need me to tell you much about D:OS2. The huge turn-based RPG campaign is full of humor, experimentation, and surprises. I think it's wonderful, as does the RPS hivemind. It ranks on several of our besties lists such as the best RPGs, best games of the 2010s, and best co-op games. Now you can hassle your iPad-owning buddies into starting its lengthy campaign with you too.

If you're looking for the iPad system specs that the new verison supports, you'll find that over in its app store listing.

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