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Beholder 2's first trailer features EXTREME paperwork

Orwell's that ends well

Beholder was an interactive morality play not entirely dissimilar to Papers, Please about living the life of a prying landlord in a world where access to information can decide who lives and who dies. The sequel promises an interesting new angle on the scenario, putting you in the shoes of a minor government official with aspirations of power and control.

While developers Warm Lamp Games state that the sequel carries on from the original game, Beholder 2 doesn't seem to be following on from any of the endings I recall seeing in the first. The sequel sees you moving up in the world, beginning a new life in a minor managerial position within the Ministry itself, albeit starting out at the bottom rung. Still, keep your eyes peeled and your backstabbing device of choice sharpened, and there's plenty of room for promotion.

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The sequel promises that if you play your cards right and manipulate the levers of power just so, you might even end up as Prime Minister yourself, although I would imagine that it would require a very special kind of cutthroat attitude to rise up that far. And of course, there's always the question of what you plan on doing with your power, once you've claimed it.

It'll be interesting to see how far they commit to the difficulties of being a 'good guy' in an otherwise evil and inhumane system. The original game, while having some interesting scenarios often left the player with the option to risk themselves in hope of a better tomorrow, and consistently playing the hero could conclude with an ending far more bright and optimistic than you could reasonably expect. Perhaps I'm just getting too old and cynical.

Beholder 2 is due for release some time in the latter half of 2018, and the Steam store for the game is already up, should you feel like putting it on your wish-list early.

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