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The best gaming monitor deals, including AOC, Asus and Samsung

Get a new year's resolution you'll actually keep, on the cheap

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There once was a time when buying a new gaming monitor was all about pushing toward a higher resolution. But priorities have shifted over the years, and while yes, it's nice to play a game at a crisp 1440p or 4K, what's equally important is that your game looks smooth and feels responsive. This is where refresh rates and response times come in, making your games flow better and feel more reactive. This is especially important in fast-paced multiplayer games, where a slick and accurate display can mean this between hitting your target and missing them.

The very best gaming monitors, of course, know how to balance speed and sharpness. They can get pricey, though, so on this here list we'll be keeping track of all the best gaming monitor deals to help you find a better bargain. Don't worry, they're still all good monitors - in fact, some are our absolute favourites on the market right now. We're covering both standard and ultrawide form factors across the UK and US, so use the links on the right to jump to the deals that best fit your needs.

The best gaming monitor deals (UK)

A photo of the AOC C27G2ZU gaming monitor
  • AOC 24G2U - £159.95 at Amazon (was £194.99)

The 24G2U has long been our first recommendation for anyone wanting an affordable 144Hz monitor. With IPS tech for well under £200, it's an ideal screen for building a PC gaming setup on a budget, while its high refresh rate lets it scale with low-end to premium graphics cards. Speaking of which, it doesn't matter whether you go Radeon or GeForce, as both AMD FreeSync and Nvidia G-Sync will work.

A fantastic 240hz monitor ideal for more competitive play, the C27G2ZU enables liquid-smooth multiplayer gaming, while also boasting a stylish curved design, excellent build quality, and a panel that provides a clear and colourful picture with minimal settings-fiddling. The only slight downside is its 1080p resolution, which makes it slightly less useful as a general-purpose screen, though most GPUs will struggle to hit 240fps at higher resolutions anyway.

A 240Hz alternative to AOC's C27G2ZU, Alienware's AW2521HFA trades a smaller, flatter screen for an IPS panel, giving it wider viewing angles AOC's monitor. It's also designed for AMD FreeSync and is Nvidia G-sync compatible. A good monitor if you want to squeeze every last drop out of your display in multiplayer, and while it's still only 1080p, pixel density won't be as stretched out as it is on the C27G2ZU.

If resolution is more important to you than refresh rate, the U32R592 is one of your better-priced options. Its slimline curved screen provides a crisp, wraparound image without taking up too much space on your desktop, while its UHD resolution and high colour contrast produces an absolutely fantastic picture. There's no FreeSync or G-Sync support, mind, so you'll need to rely on traditional V-Sync to reduce screen tear.

The TUF VG279QM offers similar specs to AOC's C27G2ZU at a higher price, and the similar drawback of being a 27 inch screen with only 1080p resolution. But it has one advantage over AOC's screen: the monitor's Overdrive mode allows users to overclock the refresh-rate up to 280hz, delivering exceptionally smooth motion. It's also compatible with both FreeSync and Nvidia G-Sync.

If Samsung's U32R592 is still out of your price range, ASUS' VP28UQG has recently shed a few notes. It's a smaller screen than Samsung's monitor, and only uses basic, less vibrant TN panel tech, but it's still a sharp, sizeable screen for the money. It also has the gaming advantage of supporting AMD FreeSync natively, with unofficial G-Sync compatibility as well.

The best ultrawide gaming monitor deals (UK)

AOC's CU34G2 provides a pleasing balance of crisp resolution and fast response time at a reasonable price, with a 1440p ultrawide resolution and a 100Hz refresh rate. It also supports FreeSync and is compatible with G-Sync. Don't expect the brightest screen around, but otherwise it's a fine screen at a fine price.

Huawei's ultrawide gaming monitor has slightly better specs than AOC's CU34G2, including a much higher refresh rate. That's on top of its outstanding build quality and neat, mature design.

The best gaming monitor deals (US)

a photo of the samsung odyssey gaming monitor, specifically the g7

It's fairly small and only has a TN panel, though with such a high refresh rate and support for both FreeSync and G-Sync, the VG248QG remains a good value. Especially for anyone looking to upgrade from a simple office monitor, without having the budget for a fast IPS screen.

Samsung's enduringly popular G7 monitor is currently $200 off. Combining a sharp 1440p resolution with a speedy 240Hz refresh rate, it offers a fantastic balance of performance and image quality splashed across its impressive 32in display.

Terrible name, but the ViewSonic VX2758-2KP-MHD packs a lot into an affordable package. Combining a sharp 1440p screen with a fast 144Hz refresh rate and an IPS display, it's an attractive over at the standard price of $299, let alone with an extra $40 off. It also supports Freesync and is Nvidia G-Sync compatible.

Alienware's 240hz gaming monitor is currently $130 off at Best Buy. The AW2720HF has a slightly larger screen than the AW2521HF on offer in the UK, alongside a slightly different colour on the back of the monitor. Beyond that, the two screens are largely identical.

While Katharine was impressed by the BenQ EX2710, she felt the screen was let down by its 1080p resolution, which wasn't quite enough to match its 27in screen. Fortunately, the EX2710Q solves exactly that problem, bumping up the resolution to 1440p. Alongside a lickety-split refresh rate, BenQ's screen also features tilt-adjustment and built-in speakers.

The best ultrawide gaming monitor deals (US)

The MPG341CQR's VA panel has a curvature of 1800R for a comfortable wraparound effect, while its 3440x1400 resolution keeps the picture sharper than a scalpel with a degree in astrophysics. It also has a bunch of additional features and accessories, including a detachable mouse bungee and camera cradle.

Ultrawides rarely get wider than the utterly gigantic C49RG9, and $950 is a fine price for it - even during Black Friday, we only saw it drop as low as $1000. It boasts FreeSync support and a brightness of 1,000 nits alongside its surfboard of a screen.

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