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Bioshock Noir: Burial At Sea's Opening Scenes

Elizabeth's gone to the Rapture.

Bioshock has that one part, the stunning moment that locks the game in the memory forever. I'm talking, of course, about the opening plane crash and the first view of the lighthouse. The descent into Rapture, like the ascent into Columbia, employed tidy, efficient techniques to build a world that was eerie, allusive and oddly attractive. Alec wrote an entire post about that first sight of Rapture. The opening five minutes of Burial At Sea, Bioshock Infinite's narrative DLC, contain a different side of Rapture, as Booker and Elizabeth walk the corridors before the Fall. Spoilers abound, obviously, with the plot's initial direction outlined as the two take in some familiar sights.

Things I have noted:

1) Femme fatale Elizabeth likes to perform a sassy hand on hip wiggle-walk but when investigations begin, she immediately jogs off into the distance but doesn't bother to ditch her cigarette first.

2) Rapture used to have the same shoeshine booths as Columbia!

3) Old-timey music!

4) I am very amused by people having conversations while one appears to be running away from the other.

5) Little Sisters are creepy.

6) I probably should have known this one already, but I hadn't realised this is 'chapter one' of Burial At Sea.

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