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Bioshock Opens Airlock On Steam Fnarrr

Good Lord, I'm sorry for adding yet another Bioshock post, but I guess this is kind of inevitable at the moment. (I do want to say that a year ago I started getting very excited about this game, announcing it was the only interesting thing on the horizon, and people thought I was stupid. Ha ha idiots - look at me now!)

Anyway, news is, Bioshock's on Steam.

Which is quite a big deal, really.

Steam looks like it's taking over the world now, and we should probably just hurry up and accept that like we did with Google. In fact, how long before Google buys Steam from Valve? Does that work? This is why I don't write for tech mags.

It seems so perfect. No more having to stand up and put shoes on to get a copy of the game (especially since the 2K PR isn't replying to my emails begging for one for free), and instant access the moment it goes on sale, pre-loaded and all. Hurrah! Until you get to the price.



Which concurrent with the current currency conversion calculations, comes to:

We're like Bloomberg

But I can pre-order it from anywhere for £25. With a box. Even in its limited edition metal box. Which I could then keep my pencils in if I ever found myself back at school as my dreams keep insisting is very likely.

So, uh, thanks Steam, but where's my extra-value American-style price to take advantage of before the UK publishers suddenly notice (Outrun Coast2Coast, Tomb Raider Legend) and block it from the UK?

EDIT: Ooh blimey, I just noticed. The American release date is the 21st, rather than our impossibly far away 24th (unless you're Toys R Us of course, when it's whenever you feel like it), so it could be that unless someone notices (thank goodness no one reads this blog yet) we might get Steamy access on Tuesday, and I'll be able to play it right away!. Yes, this gamble IS worth £7. Purchase button clicked.

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