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BioWare Generates SWTOR's Ancient Hypergate Update

Star Wars takes place a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, and Star Wars: The Old Republic is set an even longer time ago than that. Thus, this Hypergate - which is positively ancient, even by SWTOR's musty standards - must be older than time itself. Naturally, then, people (and blue not-people and green not-people and spiky faced not-people) must risk reducing the precious relic to ash by waging brutal, ceaseless wars over it. That's just how these things work. And now you can join in on the ill-advised carnage for absolutely no money*. No strings attached**. Nope, none ***. Seriously****!

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Oh huh, apparently Hypergates run on the lifeforce of slain enemies. That's somewhat, er, totally evil of them. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad to see this one fall. BUT ANYWAY. The goal of each match is to power-up your team's energy pylon - by way of flashy, spark-scattering glowstick murder, naturally - until it's ready to unleash "deadly reinforcements" and finish the job.

Six new level 50 space missions (per faction) are also part of the package, and they'll apparently "challenge the greatest pilots in the galaxy." Are you one of the greatest pilots in the galaxy? Are you sure? Oh, well OK then. But only if you're sure.

The update's flopping about like a summer trout (Sorry, the rhyming headline appears to have infected my brain) right now, so you can give it a go whenever you please. Do that, if you're feeling so inclined.

*Well, until you've played it five times, anyway.

**Oh, but either subscribing or forking over cash for Cartel Coins will fix that right up.

***You should probably tell BioWare this sort of thing's a super bad idea for an MMO. It's apparently all-ears.


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