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Birthdays delays its adorable ecosystem until May 2017


While checking some 2017 release dates for a feature it looks like Birthdays The Beginning [official site] - the sandbox sim from the creator of Harvest Moon where you can create and curate worlds full of plants and creatures - has slipped back a couple of months. The game was previously scheduled for March, 2017 but is now pegged for May.

The press release on the matter contains zero information as to the exact cause of the delay, although it confirms release dates for both North America and Europe - NA is 9 May while EU is 12 May. I assume the game will be boarding an ocean liner for the 3-day Atlantic crossing.

As is generally the case, I'm fine with games slipping a bit and I tend to assume it's because the devs need to do a bit more work. I don't think there's been an announcement in this specific case but broadly speaking I'd rather live in a world where things are delayed than people get crunched.

That said, Birthdays is one of the games I'm looking forward to in 2017 so I think I'd mentally penciled it in to play over Easter if I hadn't had time before then. This delay means I'll need to find alternative Easter plans. Perhaps a trip to the local arboretum...

In the meantime, we took a closer look at the game, how it works, what you do and so on and so on as part of a big old feature so you can give that a read if your curiosity has been piqued!

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