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Grime launches its Metroidvania-like black hole-headed combat in August

My, what an attractive head you have there

Grime - The player character runs beneath a boss that looks like a giant rock with a single eye and several arms.
Image credit: Clover Bite/Akupara Games

Surreal Metroid-y platformer Grime has polished up all those creepy caves and creatures and gotten ready for release day. After crawling out of the bones of the earth, your black hole-headed protagonist proceeds to suck up other rocky baddies, equip them as weapons, and use them against even bigger boss boulder folks. You can catch a bit of its grim and grimey world down here in the new trailer which reveals it's August 2nd launch date.

"The world of Grime was one that I’ve always wanted to experience in my gaming," says game director Yarden Weissbrot in Clover Bite's announcement. "You’ll see inspirations from my favorite games like Legacy of Kain and Salt & Sanctuary - almost like an amalgamation of all my favorite gaming inspirations and memories packaged in a playable experience."

You can definitely spot all those inspirations and more down here in Grime's new release date trailer.

Cover image for YouTube videoGrime - Official Release Date Trailer

Grime looks to have quite a lot of familiar action platformer bits. There are traversal challenges like giant rocks ready to crush you if you don't roll beneath them at just the right moment. There are giant bosses waiting to slap you into the ground. There are waypoints for unlocking additional map areas along your way.

The neat bit is how developers Clover Bite have played around with that dangerously attractive head you're equipped with. You can consume the corpses of your enemies to gain their powers and use your black hole skull to suck up and reflect projectiles too.

Oh yes, and there's the living weapons as well. "Seamlessly swap weapons made of living creatures that mutate form during combat, from clawing swords to centipede whips," the developers say. The crustacean fists and jaw axe up there in the new trailer look gnarly and cool but "centipede whip" does make my skin crawl a bit.

Matthew happened to play Grime during the recent Steam Next Fest demorama and said it was the most interesting of a few Metroidvania-like joints he played through. You can hear him talk a bit more about it in last week's Weekspot.

You can spot Grime over on Steam where it will launch on August 2nd.

You can also watch game director Weissbrot walking through a bit of Grime's first area down here for more.

Cover image for YouTube videoGRIME | Lithic Walkthrough

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