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Martial Arts MMORPG Blade & Soul Due In January

Kick! Punch!

Blade & Soul [official site] is a pretty-looking free-to-play MMORPG with fantasy martial arts flair. What's mostly caught my eye, though, is that this week's announcement of a full and proper European and North American launch - January 19th, calendar-keepers - comes more than seven years after we first posted about it. It's important to close your stories; if you post an announcement, gotta post about the release. People in comments get real worked up about unclosed things, I've found (

Blade & Soul's an MMORPG with two factions of magical martial artists jostling for control of the land. As you might expect from martial arts, combat looks a touch more active and flashy than many 'stand still and mash' MMOs, with complex skill chains and things active dodging and blocking. I'm only going off what I've read and watched, mind - I haven't played it. Its lineup of classes are most offense-oriented than many too, as it skips the supposed 'holy trinity' of tank, DPS, and healer in favour of everyone being about to smash things and support themselves.

Also, it has fluffy animalwomen summoning kung-fu cats.

Blade & Soul will be free-to-play when it launches on January 19th.

Here are some of the devs playing through a dungeon solo as a max-level Blade Master in an archived livestream:

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