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Jump-o-stab-a-shoot-y-dodge: Bleed 2 released

Parry bullets

You could take it easy this weekend, sure, or you could air-dodge through waves of bullets, deflect attacks with your sword, slow time, bash bosses, and generally cause trouble in Bleed 2 [official site]. Ian Campbell's sequel to his 2013 arcade platformer launched this week and flip me, that looks too fast for the pace of my weekend. Here, look at this local co-op action:

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All of these unlockable doodads:

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And this cameo from her out They Bleed Pixels:

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Bleed 2 is out on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux at £6.29/8,99€/$8.99, which includes a small launch discount. The first game is 60% off right now too.

So the game name Blood was claimed long ago, right. Illbleed is also gone. Blood Seed too. Here's Bleed now. What's next? Bleeder is a good name name. Bled would be a bold one. Bloodied sounds terrible; don't name your game Bloodied. Bloodled is an RPG I would not play. Bleedy sounds almost cute. Bleed Me is a rockin' Painkiller-style FPS. Bleed You could be a VR shooter. Oh No, All This Blood is a game not nearly as funny as it thinks it is. Blood Up sounds okay.

Actually, you know what, here's a great name for a violent video game: Simply Red.

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