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Blood Is Love: Bloodline Champions Videos

EDIT: Man. Not three hours after I posted this, Funcom confirmed the release date for Bloodline Champions. It'll be out in late December or early January.

First Bloodlines, now Bloodline. A very bloody Friday morning this is turning out to be.

Excellent DoTA-inspired multiplayer arena battler Bloodline Champions is currently undergoing a lengthy beta, and developers Stunlock are holding down the fort by releasing videos covering select champions from their game. There's no quicker way to understand BC's emphasis on player skill than to watch a couple of these, and note how each class's abilities all seem to have a knack to them. It's a game that lends itself to beautiful, beautiful plays.

The latest video's of the Astronomer, a tricky healing/debuff type.

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Then's we've got the tricky Nomand, with her tricky boomerangs. She was my favourite when I played the beta.

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Mm. I do like a girl who can control her wind.

Who else? Tricky toughie Thorn. I hate this guy.

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Then they've also done the Ravener, Spear Master, Gunner and Alchemist.

I previewed BC for Eurogamer a few months ago, you can read my analysis here. I expect I'll be doing some more coverage here on RPS when the game comes out, whenever that is. Stunlock are staying very quiet.

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