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Bloodborne PS1-style demake coming to PC next year

It's nearly time to join the (low-poly) hunt

If you're not too busy fawning over that new Elden Ring gameplay trailer (I don't blame you, it's very exciting), then I have some more exciting Soulsborne news for you - a PlayStation 1-esque demake of Bloodborne is coming out in January next year, and it looks excellent. Bloodborne PSX turns FromSoft's gothic action-RPG into a low-poly spookfest, complete with crackly old sound effects and 16-bit music.

Made by Lilith Walther, Bloodborne PSX demakes the first portion of the game leading up to boss Father Gascoigne, along with "extended areas and some bonus post game content". This includes stuff that isn't actually in the main game, but Walther has made specially for the demake, like this library that's home to a terrifying werewolf/pig chimera.

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In the trailer you can see a bunch of Bloodborne's eerie locations looking even scarier in the PS1-style graphics. The bridge where you fight the Cleric Beast is a particular highlight for me, especially watching the creature jump down in front of that huge full moon. I also love the way the fire effects look from the Flamesprayer. It's a weapon I never actually used much in the real game, but I'm absolutely going to try it more in this.

Man, I just love Bloodborne! Everything about this demake makes me wanna play through it again (except from the blood-curdling Cleric Beast scream, that gives me the shivers). Seeing as Bloodborne has yet to make any moves to come to PC, I reckon this will be a real nice intro for folks who haven't been able to play it.

Bloodborne PSX will be available for free when it comes out on PC on January 31st, 2022. That's about a month before Elden Ring (and likely an eternity before proper Bloodborne ever comes to PC), so it's perfectly timed to get you in the Soulsborne mood.

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