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Blue Woman Group: ME2 Reveals Samara

Oh, tish and fipsy, my prediction for an unannounced new companion for Mass Effect 2 isn't today's. I'm telling you, one of the companions - and now I reckon it will be the last one revealed - is going to be a Geth called Legion. I base this purely on my own vivid imagination, rather than scurrilous industry rumouring. Oh, and all the images from the game's official gallery - a game in which the Geth are supposed to only play a minor role. But today we get to meet super-biotic Asari, Samara. Which is frankly going to get confusing, as my Shepard is called Samantha.

She is indeed a second Asari buddy for Shepard. The previous blue-headed friend being Liara T'Soni, one of the first game's characters with whom you could have grown up cuddles, much to the horror and disgust of a confused puritan press. Unlike goody-two-shoes Liara, Samara is a "lawless vigilante", with some absolutely kick-ass abilities as shown off in the video below. And as such she fits the profile of the sorts you're after in your battle against the Collectors that frames the second chapter of the trilogy.

But you know what? I'm getting pretty suspicious. I'd like to be a trusting fellow, but I think BioWare might be playing us a bit here. (If you're avoiding BioWare's released details, then skip this paragraph.) Back before the summer it was all, "Shepard's dead!" Then at E3 they showed a presentation in which they claimed to show us a giant spoiler involving all sorts of death. And now they're revealing so much information about how Shepard is to gather this band of elite killers to fight the Collectors who are stealing colonies of Humans from all over the galaxy on behalf of the Reapers and turning them into Husks and beasts and on and on and on... I'm getting the feeling that this might be something of a bluff. That there's something else going on behind all that. Cor, I hope so.

Any how, here's something that isn't my feverish speculation: COLD HARD TRAILER FACT:

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