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Boomerang X tosses one out this July, catches it

Many happy returns

There are a lot of retro first-person shooters around at the moment, but relatively straight recreations of Quake don't interest me. Boomerang X gets at the spirit of those games with a design that's its own.

It's also coming out on July 8th, and there's a new trailer below.

Cover image for YouTube videoBoomerang X | July 8 | Nintendo Switch + PC

In Boomerang X you carry a spinning blade that you can throw, charge up for bigger throws, and compel to return to you at any time. You can also teleport to its location and adopt its momentum to propel yourself into the air.

The result is a game that feels frantic and kinetic, as you hurl yourself around low-res 3D arenas to fight grimy beasts. You quickly learn to string your available moves together, dodging attacks and lining up enemies so you can burst two or three with a single throw.

The game it reminds of most is maybe Devil Daggers - but a Devil Daggers with a sense of geographic progress, as once you've defeated a number of waves in one arena, you move on to the next. That's what many of you said you wanted from Devil Daggers, so here you go.

If this sounds of interest, you can play Boomerang X right now via a demo available on its Steam page. Is this part of the Steam Next Fest, or just a generally available demo? I can't tell. Either way, I highly recommend giving it a go.

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