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Boundless Information: Watch Dogs Mission Walkthrough

In a post-PRISM reality, or rather a world in which the public have knowledge of PRISM, the hack and crash nature of open city cyber-adventure Watch Dogs could be considered timely, topical or controversial. Judging by the latest footage to emerge from the heaving bowels of E3, it's really a game about superpowers though. Strip away the theme of a game and most abilities beyond running, jumping and falling down have a supernatural whiff about them. Observe as our hero, who really needs a strepsil, summons an impenetrable darkness. He does it by pressing a button on his smartphone, which causes all the lights in the city to turn off. It's technology rather than magic, see?

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A little disappointing that the camera hacking is responsible for what looks very much like a third person point and click stealth sequence but it's good to see a game that takes the GTA-like open city and does some new things within it. That car was sneaking at the beginning and to avoid rather than to stalk. It's not often that a car gets its creep on like that.

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