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When Hope Dies: Breach And Clear - Deadline

When hope dies and doves cry

Breach And Clear: DEADline is another zombie game but it's [edit: possibly not] a tactical turn-based zombie game so I'm willing to give it a chance. If you put a turn-based game about OXO in front of me, it'd probably occupy me for at least a couple of hours. As already mentioned, this is a beefed up version of an iOS release and a new developer diary sheds light on the design philosophy of the development teams.

"One of the phrases that we are using here internally and is basically written on the wall everywhere we go is 'what does it feel like when hope dies?'"

So says Gun Media creative director Wes Keltner. I really hope he doesn't have reason to visit many public places with his permanent marker pen.

I go to the sound guy and I say, 'what does it sound like when hope dies?'

I go to the visual artists and I say, 'what does it look like when hope dies?'

I go to the janitor, a bucket of slops in my hand, 'this is what it smells like when hope dies.'

Nothing I've seen has convinced me that DEADline will more than a short-lived berth on my hard drive but chances are I'll take a look when it's released this Autumn.

Edit: seems the 'real-time' elements might actually mean that the game is more of a top-down shooter rather than a turn-based tactical game, like the original Breach and Clear.

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