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Bulletstorm and Outriders studio have cancelled development on a co-op action RPG

Project Dagger was originally due to be published by Take-Two

People Can Fly, the developers of Bulletstorm and Outriders, have cancelled development of a co-op action RPG codenamed Project Dagger. The Polish company informed investors of the decision to cancel the game, which was initially to be published by Take-Two, earlier this month.

The report to investors was spotted by Twitter user MauroNL.

"The discontinuation of work on the Project is the result of re-analysis of the development plans for projects implemented by the capital group of PCF Group, and introducing changes to those plans in connection with the unsatisfactory results of the evaluation of the scope and commercial potential of the Project after redefining the direction of the game's development," says the update to investors.

Project Dagger was dropped by its original publisher Take-Two Interactive in 2022, after which People Can Fly decided to self-publish the game. Development was being led by the Polish company's New York studio.

People Can Fly seemingly have several projects currently in-development, including Project Maverick, a game based on an a pre-existing Microsoft IP, and Project Gemini, a project for Outriders publisher Square Enix. Gemini was seemingly reduced in scope earlier this year, leading to around 30 layoffs at People Can Fly.

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