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Burn down the town in stealth witch game Wildfire this May

Light it up

If you need some more period piece stealth to tide you over until Desperados 3, stealth platformer Wildfire might just do it. As one of few magic users left in the world, you'll use your abilities to burn, freeze, and grow the environment as you protect villagers and outwit the enemies hunting you down. It'll be burning down the house on May 26th.

"Outsmart the superstitious armies of the Arch Duchess as they hunt you through lush forests, deep caverns, and over frozen mountaintops," Sneaky Bastards say. "Find and free your fellow villagers from captivity, then lead them to safety to reclaim your home."

I'm a big liker of stealth action and a long-time fan of both Avatar TV series so Wildfire sounds like it could well be my jam. Also, did you hear the tunes? Them's some fun Celtic-y tunes.

There are four elements worth of skills to master that lend you new platforming and stealth abilities. In the trailer you can spot growing vines to climb walls, setting those same vines ablaze to burn stuff up, floating along in a water bubble, and freezing folks in place. It looks like a fun romp of action puzzling.

To top it off, Wildfire apparently has local co-op, which Sneaky Bastards say requires at least one gamepad.

You can find Wildfire on both Steam and Humble Bundle.

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