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Burn everything you own in Bonfire Peaks' new demo

Spark fires, not joy.

Bonfire Peaks is a very irresponsible game. Oh, it looks lovely, but I'm certain there must be laws against setting fire to crates of garbage all the way up the side of a mountain, even if you have to wrap your head around some peculiar puzzles to do so. There's a demo out the now - and at the very least, it's a good excuse to keep those arson inclinations firmly locked behind your monitor.

Making an appearance in Screenshot Saturday Sundays earlier this summer, Corey Martin's voxellated mountain-climber has begun its ascent in earnest with today's free demo and new trailer.

Cover image for YouTube video

I gave the demo a bash the now, and came to two realisations. First, Bonfire Peaks is gorgeous, a suitably autumnal forest diorama to clamber through, hurling crates into firepits that light up the scene with incredible warmth. I've only burnt my belongings once in my life, and I'm afraid to admit it didn't look half this picturesque.

The second is that I am still very much quite bad at block-pushing puzzles. Even so, while there are a few fiddly moments to begin with (working out your movement options while carrying crates took a minute), its first few puzzles were short and snappy enough to eventually breeze through - each completion giving you another crate with which to scale the game's monolithic overworld peak.

It must be doing something right, at least, considering Bonfire Peaks is the first game to be published by Draknek And Friends. Alan Hazelden's puzzling outfit have made some Sokoban scorchers in their time, including last month's A Monster's Expedition.

The Bonfire Peaks demo can be downloaded on Steam, where the game is set to release sometime next year.

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