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Burn The Press: Dragon Commander's Interactive Trailer

My favourite thing about this interactive trailer for Divinity: Dragon Commander is the music it plays while you consider your position. It reminds me of dramatic quiz show music, adding a frisson of tension to the already taut situation you're asked to involve yourself in. It makes me want to ask Noel Edmonds for his opinion on the matter, which is how all decisions should be made. You're asked to mediate on a political dispute: the press are reporting on the more sensationalist aspects of the world's leader's lives. Should you allow them to continue, or should you stop them from printing? Listen to the arguments and make a decision. As a gamer, I'd imagine you have annotations on Youtube turned off. They'll need to be on for this to work

I am surprised one of the options isn't "dragon them to death", because even as a member of da press I'd happily see the muck-rakers burned to a crisp by a Leveson-like Lizard. I'm also amused that a war game about dragons even asks such questions, but as Alec found out the politicking has an effect on your strength. Many, many questions are asked and answered.

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If that little roundtable chat impressed you, there's still a couple of thousand beta keys over here. Or you can wait till August, when the game is finally out.

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