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Bus Simulator 16 Delayed, Stuck In Traffic

Beep beep

Terrible news, everyone: Bus Simulator 16 [Facebook page] has been delayed and will now arrive on 2 March. I presume at that point three editions of Bus Simulator 16 will arrive at once.

What do you mean I have to write the rest of a news post and can't just coast on that one joke?

It's like this isn't RPS anymore.

As per the press release nestled in my inbox:

"During the game's final test run however, publisher Astragon Entertainment have discovered some unexpected minor technical complications that sporadically occur on some system configurations. In order to ensure the best possible gaming experience for all players, they have therefore decided to examine the problem in greater detail in effort to eradicate it in time for its full release."

I would also like to point out that after further investigation the name seems to be erroneous. It's a bus driver simulator and not a bus simulator. If you were hoping to gain an insight into the psyche of a bus you are going to be very disappointed.

Here's the teaser trailer to keep you occupied while you wait. Amusingly it leads with the phrase "ON SCHEDULE"

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