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Call Of Duty: Ghosts RPS EXCLUSIVE Dogshot Gallery

Call of Duty has a dog now. Not just one that attacks you in multiplayer, either. This one's yours, and it's meticulously mo-capped to boot. While last year's edition was all about DRONES DRONES DRONES (and occasionally horses), Call of Duty: Ghosts is trying to tell a Truly Human And Emotional Story about "underdog" military men and their, er, actual dog. Apparently an "apocalyptic" event has left America's army in tatters, so the Ghosts must strike from the shadows against some mysterious, overwhelmingly superior force. Naturally, explosions ensue, and lots of things fall down in cool ways. It's all being brained up by Oscar-winning Traffic scribe Stephen Gaghan, which is maybe significant but probably not. But enough silly facts. After the break, you'll find Ghosts' first trailer, a drool-worthy RPS 'SKLOOSIVE dogshot gallery, and probable proof that the dog is the centerpiece of the entire plot.

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The game begins with two young brothers experiencing a Great Catastrophe and growing up with war all around them. 15 or so years later, they end up joining the Ghosts - who are apparently based on Navy SEAL Team Six, the soldiers that downed Osama Bin Laden. "Hey, you got your Homefront in my Call of Duty," basically. Also, multiplayer maps will be all dynamic and prone to falling apart, and the whole thing's running on a new "next-gen" engine that enables such revolutionary stunts as leaning and sliding.

More importantly, the dog. It'll be your bright-eyed, ever-faithful companion in and out of combat. OR WILL IT. Note that the trailer ominously says "You can't stop remembering... the things you should forget" just before flashing to the dog. Next, the dog appears immediately after Gruffins the soldier man says his group is "fighting for something that can't be killed." The dog is clearly some kind of immortal bioweapon. If it falls into the wrong hands, well, I shudder to think what would happen. Its epidemic of furry fury must be contained at all costs.

Now look at these seemingly innocent pictures and think about that.

And, in another breaking RPS EXEDECSOTUPPLESCLUSIVE, here's the game's ending, 100 percent confirmed:

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