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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare hosts free MP weekend

See how wild it gets

With Call of Duty headed back to the oh-so-familiar battlefields of World War 2 later this year, I'll be sorry to see some of its ludicrous sci-fi bits go. If you've not played CoD in a while but do fancy seeing the apogee of its sci-fi silliness, you can check it out this weekend in a free multiplayer trial of 2016's Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare [official site]. That's the one which goes to space, remember?

This and other CoD games are half-price on Steam this weekend too, though they're still too expensive for me to buy old ones just for the rollercoaster campaigns.

Our lad Brendy did not dig Infinite Warfare's multiplayer but hey, it's free to see for yourself. You will get to fight across places including a shipyard orbiting Mars, a space station orbiting Neptune, a spaceship crashed near a methane lake on Titan, and a facility on the frozen wastes of Europa. You'll get to see some really nice skyboxes, I'm saying.

If you fancy a crack, head on over to Steam. The multiplayer trial ends at 9pm on Sunday (1pm Pacific).

Meanwhile, the Steam sale runs until Monday. The prices are not great: £7.49 for the original games, £9.99 for Modern Warfare, and up and up until it's £19.99 for Cod Blops 2 onwards. Given that I've basically missed the boat on multiplayer for those (and am not really into CoD MP anyway), those are big prices for singleplayer campaigns. Even if they do have a lot of explosions. Ah, but I do like the explosions.

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