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Let's Learn About Infinite Warfare Multiplayer, Shall We?

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We've had a taste for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare's [official site] story and the requisite zombies co-op mode (this time with wild '80s prints and the Hoff himself), but what of the multiplayer? How will we compete in this world of infinite war?

Luckily, Infinity Ward have the answers to your burning multiplayer questions in two new trailers. It all looks very classic Call of Duty, but with a cool futuristic aesthetic.

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Did you catch all of that? It was very shiny and fast paced. Ok, here. Let's take a look at the overview, which breaks down some of the footage we saw in the trailer for more details.

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The vid details new tech, maps, and gameplay modes. It seems like the biggest change Infinite Warfare is bringing to the series are the rig suits, which act as a kind of class system. Each rig suit is er, suited to a particular play-style. Once players get their suit all sorted, they then choose one of three traits and three payloads specially tailored for a particular suit for a more customized experience. There were a lot of buzzwords like, "freedom" and "choice" being thrown around, so it seems like they're really pushing for folks to get creative with their competitive setups.

There are six suits to choose from: FTL, Stryker, Synaptic, Phantom, Merc, and Warfighter. All have their own specializations, which seem pretty standard for a wartime shoot 'em up. Some specialize in stealth tactics, while others are close-range, in-your-face brawlers, while yet others prefer mid-range combat or crowd control techniques.

Infinite Warfare's weapons got some time in the spotlight, too. In  this age of space resource wars, you can now upgrade standard weapons to craft extra-powerful "prototype" weapons using salvage credits earned in-game. Looks like Call of Duty wants in on that ol' carrot on a stick frantic weapons collecting a la Destiny.

Activision are really trying to drive home the idea that although this game is slathered with futuristic tech and strategy, it still features old-school Call of Duty elements at its core. We'll have to wait and see whether that translates into a fun new hybrid or more of the same old, but with robots and black hole turrets. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is out November 4.

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