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Call of Juarez 3 Is Proper Silly

Must admit, I sorta miss the time before Call of Duty came up with the bright idea of dicking around with the era it was set in, swiftly leading to every other bugger giving it a shot too. Latest on this modernisation bandwagon is Call of Juarez, a series which so far has steadily carved away its most interesting aspects in favour of chasing that tasty, tasty mainstream tail. The third game/reboot is The Cartel, set in modern-day Mexico (much to the consternation of real-life local law figures, who feel that making light of an ongoing culture of violence may not be a good idea for the impressionable youngsters of Juarez), and it seems more determined than ever to snatch the attention of whatever it is that focus groups say today's average gamer is. After having made do with CGIy stuff until now, here's the game in action. Subtlety? We don't need no stinkin' subtlety.

Cover image for YouTube video

(Video via VG247, as theirs finished uploading before ours did. Bah/thanks.)

So there's that, with the booms and the scowls and the nightclub massacres and the exploding cars and whatnot. Also the FBI and the LAPD have very forgiving dress codes these days, I notice.

Not sure if this is trying to be CoD or GTA or Saint's Row or what. A little of everything I guess, but I'm confused by whether it's tongue in cheek or deadly serious about its ludicrous Michael Bay action and comicky characterisation. We'll find out, so we will.

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