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Cambria Sword: Your shmupper’s catch of the day

Coheed isn’t hipster enough anyway

The first step to becoming a true hipster is to lay claim to something obscure and bizarre long before it’s cool. Unfortunately, I’ve already called dibs on Cambria Sword - a recent Japanese shmup about prehistoric arthropods dragged into an intergalactic war - so you’ll have to find your own... but it’s worth a recommendation anyway.

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Heavily inspired by Genesis/Megadrive game Bio Hazard Battle, CS is a slower-paced, more technical shmup, with a focus on long, involved boss fights and careful use of a vast, complex arsenal. While visually retro, the soundtrack is live garage prog-metal befitting the high-concept stoner sci-fi setting.

Cambria Sword is also enormous by genre standards. While your average arcade shmup is 20-30 minutes long, a complete playthrough of this clocks in at 3+ hours. A gruelling, marathon feat made possible for mere mortal bullet-dodgers via the option to begin repeat playthroughs from later in the game.

There’s a lengthy demo so you can sample the seafood before buying the platter, or buy the full game (¥1620/£11.30/$14.75) via DLSite English, a reputable English-language storefront for Japanese indies. The game itself is translated, and comes bundled with the full soundtrack plus (untranslated) strategy and making-of guides.

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