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Candy Or Death: DOTA 2's 'Diretide' Event

By my estimate, there are 327 billion videogame Halloween events, but they all tend to share a couple commonalities between them: 1) they do the bulk of their grim work before or on Halloween, and 2) many of them sorta aren't very interesting. DOTA 2, though, has dumped out its pumpkin pale to reveal an entire new mode, complete with its own mysteeeeeerious metagame. Meanwhile, it's keeping the festivities going until... well, nobody's really sure. That said, the new items expire on November 12th, so draw your own conclusions. For now, though, let us not worry about that. Instead, let's turn our doting gazes on poor, malnourished ancient terror Roshan. He lurks beneath the break, million-year-old maw glistening with unquenchable candy lust. Awwww. I kind of want to give him a hug.

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My desire to hug Roshan, unfortunately, clashes slightly with my stated objective of ultimately banding together with the other team to kill him as he flies into a sugar-born berserker rage. First, though, Roshan hunts for Greevil Taffy while the two teams attempt to collect as much of it as possible. Then, when Roshan drops, the winning team receives a smattering of essences and Greevil eggs. Nourish the latter with the former over the course of the event and, er, something will happen. That's the mysteeeeeeerious part. WoooooOOOOooooOOOOooo.

It all seems quite well put-together. My DOTA skills aren't what they used to be, but how's Diretide going so far, people who actually know what they're doing? Do you know what's inside your egg? I mean, I assume it's, you know, a Greevil, but I'm really hoping it's actually Peter Molyneux.

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