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Carrier Command: Gaea Mission

Vehicular-mothership game Carrier Command was tungsten-plated awesome. So it's splendid that a new Carrier Command game is in the proverbial pipeline. It's being overseen by none other than Bohemia "ArmA" Interactive in conjunction developers Black Element Software [They made Shade: Wrath of Angels? Hmm]. It's to be based on the original 1988 Carrier Command and is set in the Gaea Universe, in which human awfulness causes war and stuff.

Gritty sci-fi ahoy! Full release below the jump.

Bohemia Interactive Studio and Black Element Software announce a new multi-platform title, Carrier Command: Gaea Mission. Based on the original Carrier Command released in 1988, and fully licensed and endorsed by its creators, the new game strives to deliver innovative and intense gameplay in a truly next-gen rendition. Carrier Command: Gaea Mission is currently scheduled to be released in Spring 2010 on PC and other popular platforms.

Bohemia Interactive´s CEO, Marek Spanel, explains why the company chose this natural evolution from their current line-up of realistic military shooters, including titles such as Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis and ArmA: Armed Assault:

“When we first heard about the opportunity to develop a game based on the original Carrier Command, we were instantly hooked,” says Spanel. “For us, Carrier Command was not only one of the most innovative games we had ever played but it is also one of the very few games that truly influenced our gaming tastes and motivated us in our own home grown game development, which later materialized in the form of Operation Flashpoint, with similar open ended gameplay and emphasis on a deeply simulated game world.”

“Having the opportunity to create an actual Carrier Command game is not only a great honor for us, but it also allows us to take the legendary title we all love and do it justice with a truly next-gen rendition,” comments Otakar Nieder, the game’s project leader at Black Element Software.

Carrier Command: Gaea Mission is set in the Gaea Universe, with the story adapted from the science fiction trilogy’s second novel, due for publication in 2009. The first volume, Gaea: Beyond the Son, is currently available in hardcover from Helios Publishing.

The game’s story centers on a crew waking from their thirty-year hibernation in the middle of a war that has raged from Earth to humanity's first colony in another solar system.

“The Gaea Universe offers a realism and depth beyond the usual gaming conventions,” explains David Lagettie, Gaea Executive Producer. Writer Didi Gilson (co-author with partner Phil under the pen name P.D. Gilson) elaborates, “Gaea explores harsh consequences in our future, from dwindling natural resources to the all-too-human talent for war, and how those aggressive instincts can impact our first forays in space colonization.”

“The vivid writing and compelling characters help us set this game in a believable universe and provides a strong Sci-Fi plot for the player’s immersion,” says CEO Spanel.

More details about Carrier Command: Gaea Mission will be revealed during the upcoming Leipzig Game Convention starting 20th of August.

(Gayer mission? Arf.) Thanks to Joachim for the tip. Joachim Awesome, we call him.

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