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Trick And Treat: Catlateral Damage's Halloween Update

Never cross a black cat

I was just writing about a game where you clean up mess, and now this one is about making mess. Truly, video games now cover the full spectrum of modern life. Catlateral Damage [official site] is a crowdfunded goofy physics 'em up about mischevious cats trashing rooms, batting objects and knocking them off shelves because... what, you wanted it on the shelf? Oh, I'd surely have let it alone if I'd known.

This spooky week, a new update has added a spooky basement laboratory level so you can discover how a cat responds to Halloween - demanding treats and tricking you anyway, the same as every other day.

Version 1.0.4 has brought the spooky new level, The Furightful Lab, which cats can enter by finding a jack-o'-lantern in a regular level or simply by launching it in Litterbox mode. It's got skellingtons, death lasers, syringes, sparking machine, lab glassware - all the good spooky stuff.

Perhaps more importantly, though, v1.0.4 sees Catlateral Damage jump to version 5 of the Unity engine. Creator Chris Chung explains:

"This upgrade includes an improved physics engine, so performance should be a bit better when there are lots of objects on the floor (like during extended periods of supermarket destruction). There are also some lighting differences and other changes, but these should be less noticeable."

Though, physics engines bringing games to their knees are surely one of the spoOokiest things of all.

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