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First-Person Swabber: Viscera Cleanup Detail Released

Blood with friends

When spacethings go spacewrong, call in a spacehero like Ian Doom to spacekill everything. Once that swaggering spacemurderer is done, though, you need the help of a real specialist: you need the Viscera Cleanup Detail [official site].

It's been a few years since I first picked up my trusty spacemop and bloodbucket in a prototype to clean up scenes of spacehorrors, long enough that I'd forgotten was still in Early Access. But it is. It was. I've only just noticed - and been surprised - that RuneStorm's first-person swabber officially launched on Friday.

Viscera Cleanup Detail puts you in the rubber boots and overalls of those heroes who sweep though after the hero, mopping up puddles of blood, collecting and incinerating torn guts and severed limbs, picking spacerifle bullet cases out of hard-to-reach corners, and generally making everything spick and span so folks can return to work. You're armed with tools including a delightfully floppy mop, buckets for rubbish and soapy water, a broom for sweeping, a plasma welder to smarten up damaged metal, and so on. But if you're not careful you'll end up trailing bloody footprints around, cleaning with dirty water, accidentally burning things, and so on. Properly cleaning a level can be a real challenge. You get to write reports too.

That might sound tedious, but it's quite delightful - especially in co-op. Here, read Pip and I's chat, or coo at its place on our list of best co-op games.

Viscera Cleanup Detail is out on Steam for £6.69 thanks to a launch discount. Here's the launch trailer:

RuneStorm say that now they're finishing up a Mac version, and working on DLC including something Halloweenie. They'd like to merge the old Santa's Rampage and Shadow Warrior spin-offs into the main game too.

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