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Viscera Cleanup Detail Adds New Level, New Choonz

Cleaning time!

Pip is on holiday this week but I'm already laughing imagining the fun we'll have with the new update for Viscera Cleanup Detail [official site]. Yes, a new level to clean is nice. Yes, it's nice that the Shadow Warrior spin-off is now merged into the main game. Mostly, though, I'm looking forward to annoying everyone with three new songs blasting out the Big Banger boombox. I do so enjoy being a cheery jerk as we swab blood, incinerate corpses, and collect bullet casings with our space-janitor pals.

The new level is Incubation Emergency, set inside a facility which seems to have been growing space-aliums. It has gone as poorly as you might expect. Throbbing organic lumps burst out of the walls, scientists' corpses litter the corridors, and... I imagine there's worse I'm yet to find. Some space marine with a name like Chad or Butch or Ace has already swept through and murdered everything, of course, which means we get the treat of cleaning it up! Oh happy day! There's two hours of cleaning in that one, developers RuneStorm say.

Update 1.07 also brings a load of fixes and tweaks, so do check the patch notes if something in particular has been bugging you.

But those new songs. Some of those songs really make the Big Banger jump. It'd be a terrible shame if someone were to place the Banger near something that might be spilled, splatted, or slopped.

Yes, it would be a terrible shame, wouldn't it PIP? DAN?

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