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Viscera Cleanup Detail goes a bit Austin Powers in new DLC

Yeah, baby, yeah!

The very finest game about cleaning, Viscera Cleanup Detail, is now tidying up a spy spoof villain's secret island base in new DLC. Yes, this dastardly lair absolutely does have sharks with frickin' laser beams attached to their heads. And I think we might be able to blow up the moon with a giant ray gun? All in a day's work for our crack team of janitors. The DLC launch is accompanied by a free update which whacks in three new maps free for all Viscereers, though I don't believe you get to dispose of corpses by feeding them to sharks in those so what's even the point?

As is the Viscera Cleanup Way, the Vulcan Affair DLC goes down after a superspy has swept through the secret lair, shooting baddies to bits and causing a big great mess. A short while later, we're sent in to clean up after that lout. Viscera Cleanup Detail has largely focused on sci-fi, but spin-offs and DLC have wandered further afield and I welcome some spy-fi. The map looks be full of nods and jokes about James Bond and Austin Powers and such.

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The Vulcan Affair costs £2.09/€2.39/$2.99 on Steam, and of course requires the base game. I hear it's a right big'un, so I might try to get the band back together (Viscera Cleanup Detail being one of the best co-op games and all).

As for the freebies, the accompanying version 1.1 update yesterday also whacked in three new maps: an experimental energy research facility, a storage facility, and a prison colony. Some of the changes sound very handy for multiplayer too, though I don't know if they fix these problems completely:

  • Improved object syncing and stability with bins and buckets. They were a complete demon on clients!
  • Improved object syncing and stability with bodies and other skeletals that start out awake on clients. Much less freaking out at the start of a session.
  • Improved the hideous clattering noises experienced by clients when moving loaded bins around.

You know, I might actually miss that clattering. I will forever consider it welcome levity when rotten lousy bins started burping bullets and bodyparts all over the floor I just mopped.

See the patch notes for the rest.

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