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Space Paperwork: Viscera Cleanup Detail Adds Reports

Being a space janitor is pretty ruddy exciting, we can all agree. After an merry day of scraping guts out vents, mopping up blood, and collecting bullet casings, I need something slow and dull to unwind. And in the game.

Viscera Cleanup Detail [official site] today added a little drudgery to its workload with post-cleanup incident reports full of boxes to tick and text areas to complete. They're optional, but who could ever turn down an opportunity to squeal on Pip to the guvna?

The reports ask oodles of questions about your cleanup, from what was involved - aliens, chemicals, rituals, deadly fauna, enigmatic forces, and so on - through how many bullet holes you found, how many items you incinerated, and how well you got on with your fellow cleaners. Some of these are text boxes, and I do hope these are transmitted to developers Runestorm for them to have a good giggle. You can also collect ID devices from corpses to register the deceased.

There's no punishment for skipping incident reports, but completing them does give bonus points towards that coveted 'Employee of the Month' award. And who doesn't enjoy virtual paperwork?

Update v0.42 also brought a few small tweaks, but RuneStorm say they've been focusing on "large stuff" like new map Robotics Facility, revamps of a few maps, and more from the dev roadmap. Viscera Cleanup is still in Early Access, though the core game seems pretty much complete - you sure do clean up a lot of viscera.

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