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Perchance To Frog: Cave Story Dev's Kero Blaster Dated

8-bit will never croak

Another pixelated retro action-platformer? I know, I know. But this one has a frog! Also, Kero Blaster is kinda the latest tadpole offspring from indie legend Cave Story's design/writing/sound/everything wizard, Daisuke "Pixel" Amaya, and it looks like a rather sumptuous offering in its simplicity. It's leaping jetpacking into action - as frogs are wont to do - next month, and you can see a trailer below.

Kero Blaster - formerly known as Gero Blaster but given a name change under mysterious circumstances - will be out on May 11th. Its mechanics look chunky, fun, and Cave-Story-esque, but will its world possess the same depth? Will its solid core give way to a rabbit hole labyrinth of secrets? Here's hoping.

The game was originally set to release last year, but Pixel delayed it at the last second, as is his rather notorious way. Now, however, he's satisfied with the state it's in, so out the door it goes.

Kero Blaster is releasing on mobile at the same time as it's hitting PC, so maybe approach it with some caution. Don't get me wrong: mobile games can be great too, but they are not always bastions of scope and length. That said, this is Pixel we're talking about, and it sounds like collecting new items will open up many alternate paths for exploration.

Think you'll give this one a go given its legacy, or are you all burned out on retro hop 'n' bops, even when they star frogs with cats for girlfriends?

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