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Have You Sawn (Seen) This? Chainsaw Warrior Sequel

Sequel to the Games Workshop board game

With today's modern video game technology, we can chainsaw a zombie into procedural hunks and release a spray of ichor that runs fluid-simulated down walls and gathers into glossy black puddles. Y'know, if we wanted to. Back in 1987, a little imagination was required to see such things.

I never played board game Chainsaw Warrior, but it sounds a lot like a man vs. demons gory single-player FPS simulated with two decks of cards and a couple of dice. Auroch Digital were faithful to Games Workshop's original in their video game adaptation last year, but have announced they're expanding on it in a sequel, Lords of the Night.

Not that they're including high-def procedural guts and simulated ichor, mind. "It's important to us that people who played the original can jump right in and feel at home, but at the same time we want to use this opportunity to build on the challenge and add in some tricks that the digital format opens up for us," designer Steve Martin said in yesterday's announcement.

It sounds like Chainsaw Warrior: Lords of the Night will follow the same basic formula - playing against a timer, you're building levels by drawing cards that reveal places, monsters, hazards, and gear, then rolling dice to resolve everything - but Auroch are tweaking it.

They say it has "an upgraded combat system, new weapons, upgrades, powers and equipment, unique mini bosses that require careful tactics to defeat, three new zones to fight through and an even tougher confrontation with the enigmatic Darkness than ever before." So there you go. It looks like they've got a little Mesoamerican flair this time too, rather than just a zombie-infested city.

I did very much enjoy, on our last post about Auroch's first chainsaw adventure, reading folks' comments about playing the board game. Perhaps you might too.

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