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Grrrmrmrmrm - Chainsaw Warrior: Lords Of The Night Out

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I never played Games Workshop's Chainsaw Warrior (or had even heard of it), but I dig the idea: a single-player board game using dice and cards to recreate a big daft zombie-filled action movie over an hour of real time. Auroch Digital turned the board game into video game back in 2013, and now they've released a sequel which changes the original formula a little as well as bringing a new story. Chainsaw Warrior: Lords of the Night [Steam page] arrived yesterday at £4.79.

This time the grizzled old Chainsaw Warrior is deep in the Aztec jungle, cutting his way through cultists, wildlife, mutants, and more zombies. Lords of the Night also brings new items and powers while tweaking the combat system a little. One complaint I heard a fair bit about the original that a lot came down to luck of the dice; I wonder how much that's changed. The handful of Steam user reviews suggest they're positive changes, making it less frustrating.

But, so, the way I understand it works is: you have a board, some dice, a character sheet, and a big deck of cards representing equipment, enemies, traps, and environments. Drawing these tells the story of Chainy moving around, gathering items, and murdering monsters, so it's a big randomly-generated adventure. Not that it's the only board game which does that but hey, it's nice. I like the idea of procedural generation in such a simple system.

Here, have a trailer:

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