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Change of Plans: We're Going Here Instead

As a hasty follow up to ill hatched plans of last week, we've relocated the Manchester RPS Social Club meet to Kyoto Lounge. Kyoto Lounge has a couple of advantages over Font Bar, number one being that they pick up their phone so I was actually able to book it. Number two is that they are a Gaming Bar.

The plan is still to meet there at 3pm. It's only up the road from the previously planned venue, so you don't need to change your travel arrangements. Here it is on Google maps, but the streetview photo is out of date (it's just to the left of The Deaf Institute).

We've got the computer room booked after another group finishing at 6pm, so we can spend ~3 hours doing the drinking part in the bar, and then after that do the drinking and playing games part. There's also various console toys to play whilst waiting for the PC room, if you get bored of staring into your fellow humans faces before 6pm.

The folks over at Kyoto Lounge told me to ask you lot if you have any requests for food/drink too, they've said if there is anything in particular we are after, they'll try to get some in. You can see their menu in low-res-vision here. Get requests in the comments by the end of the week.

Hat tip to Mike Rose for suggesting Kyoto Lounge. I hear he's thinking of coming, so you best keep an eye on your beers.

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