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Chaotic pinball game Demon's Tilt is free on the Epic Games Store right now

Total War: Warhammer and City Of Brass are coming next week

Listen, I know you like free stuff. Who doesn't like free stuff? Here's a better question: who doesn't like pinball? The answer is narcs. Don't let them know, but you can grab a free copy of Demon's Tilt from the Epic Games Store right now, up until next Thursday.

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Sin once described Demon's Tilt as "a decent, if elaborate table" that "adds a bit of shoot 'em up, and even a dash of bullet hell" to the traditional pinball formula. "The result is curious but works," she concluded. That's one hell of a description, and the word pinball doesn't even get a mention.

If you too would like to try this rather bonkers take on being a pinball wizard, you have until March 31st to add Demon's Tilt to your Epic library. It costs £15.49 on Steam right now, so you're not gonna catch me complaining.

Next week, Epic are giving away two free games: the first Total War: Warhammer, and City Of Brass. Total War: Warhammer might seem a bit old hat now, what with Total Warhammer III having just come out, but the original remains a stone-cold classic if you want to see where this epic turn-based strategy series started.

City Of Brass, meanwhile, is a first-person swashbuckling roguelike from Uppercut Games, a studio founded by three former Irrational and 2K devs. We weren't massively keen on it when it was still in early access, but it's since received a bunch of updates (and a full launch), which seems to have remedied a lot of its earlier problems. Maybe it's time to dive back in next week, eh?

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